About Tanya Anic Bridal Design

From her studio in Sydney, Australia, designer Tanya Anic presents contemporary interpretations of the most elegant and classic of bridal gowns. Every design is created with attention to detail, using exquisite fabrics imported from many countries including France and Italy.

Fabulously jewelled and sequined lengths of organza, layers of soft tulle, intricate laces, fluid satins and delicate silks provide the inspiration towards each new style.

"Tanya approaches the bridal gown design process, by looking first to
the natural drape of the fabric, fashioning unique creations
into a selection of styles including classical, romantic,
ballroom, sleek, sophisticated, contemporary and vintage."

Once you have chosen the theme, the desired feeling for your special day can be achieved with a Tanya Anic custom- designed bridal gown, made especially to flatter the feminine form of your silhouette. This is enhanced with a selection of beading, lace, applique and embellishments, uniquely chosen to complement your personality and distinctive attributes.

Designs from Tanya Anic Bridal collection include creations from the Eden Rose label.



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