You're my inspiration

"La luce del sole viene deliatamente ed assale la mia anima.”

Translation -: “The light of the sun comes softly and floods my soul.”

I find inspiration can be born from the everyday beauty around us. This can be in the form of sun beaming through shutters, to the fragrance of a spring garden. It is in these details, I take memory snap shots which hold a special feeling. I then look for little momentos, photographs or lace, fabric, beads and ideas for embellishment to express my interpretation of the feeling captured. All of these elements collated in the design process bring life and meaning to the mood board to evoke a feeling when creating a bridal gown of wearable art.

This art of subtle embellishment is designed for the bride to feel in love with how she looks and to know she looks truly amazing.

Luce Del Sole (Italian for sunshine) is the name of one of my designs. When I discovered this exquisite lace (which appropriately is made in Italy), my vision came to life with my interpretation of the region and the intensity of the Tuscan sun. A place where I visualise life and love are celebrated fervently with family, laughter, sunlight, flowers and the influences of bohemian beauty.

I hope this sampler mood board conjures for you the same thrill as I found in collecting the images and creating the experiences.

If you would like to experience the beauty of Luce Del Sole or any of the other gowns from
my collection, please contact me to arrange an appointment.