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Arizona has to be one of the most awesome destinations to exchange your nuptials. Set in the presence of rugged and diverse landscape, you will fall in love with the beauty, art and history nestled in the many natural wonders to explore.

One of the most noted flora native to the Sonoran Desert is the Saguaro cactus. Not only are they visually intriguing, ranging in heights and widths and variations of multiple arms or spears, they have a formidable resilience for survival, capable of absorbing large amounts of water. These plants are also known for long life, some live up to 150 years.

The iconic cactus and landscape of the National Parks are part of the must-see sights in Arizona along with the Grand Canyon National Park and Route 66.

Amberly Bridal Gown by  Tanya Anic  Photo  Solandra Helg

Amberly Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic
Photo Solandra Helg

Looking for the easy to pack bridal gown for your Arizona wedding?
The Amberly Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic features the most exquisite guipure lace bodice with high neck and long sleeves and skirt of stretch crepe for a slim-line elegant contrast.

The Louisa Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic is a classic cross neck design, featuring soft draping ties at the shoulders and slimline skirt with semi-train. This wedding dress of fluid crepe feels and looks beautiful, is easy to pack and easy to wear. 

Louisa Bridal Gown by  Tanya Anic  Photo  Solandra Helg

Louisa Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic
Photo Solandra Helg

Amberly Bridal Gown by  Tanya Anic  Photo  Solandra Helg

Amberly Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic
Photo Solandra Helg

To create your one of a kind bridal gown to pack and wear for your destination wedding, contact Tanya Anic for your consultation.

Photography and Stylist -Solandra Helg @solandraphotography
Bridal Gown- Tanya Anic @tanyaanicbridal
Model-Alexis Vail @alexis_vail @gabby.glam
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Written in the stars

There is not one soul who looks to the stars in the night sky and remains unchanged. Through the years Astronomy and the gazing at galaxies have captured the wonderment of endless possibilities in many minds and hearts. The star is something of a phenomenon, a light that echoes through time to reflect the story of existence, what it was, what it is and what it continues to be.

It is when we consider the star association with appreciation of an everlasting beauty we realise the very existence of this star has taken years of perfection. Beyond the heavenly gaze we can imagine the truth and majesty in this single light, a constant reminder it took a multitude of variables to be in place at the right time.

Esta Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic

So often associated to dreams of ethereal, divine occasions we believe the stars are perfectly aligned at the time we connect with the forever mate of our soul and it is unimaginable to think of life before them or after them.

The moment we capture and celebrate this union is the inspiration to the latest bridal collection by Designer Tanya Anic. An exclusive range featuring opulence and movement with flowing silks, glistening beads and sheer imported lace, each gown reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour yet contemporary in choice combinations.

Signature embellishments and easy interchangeable designs can be configured to be as individual as you are. Choose from sheer lace, intricate faux- leather bows; crystal, and pearl beading for bodice top and soft floating or fitted skirts.

I confess I do not know why, but looking at the stars always makes me dream.
— Vincent Van Gough

The beauty of your Stars collection bridal gown by Tanya Anic Bridal is the long and everlasting life of each piece created. Your wedding day gown, has many facets to its long -life wear as optional statement pieces in every mood of your day and evening while being a truly divine one piece statement bridal gown.

It is written in the Stars, a curation of the most exquisite beads, fabrics and lace to celebrate all that is you. Choose from Zefira, Esta, Marguretta, Aaida, Itzel, Celestina, Candide, Oriana, Alina, Ayona and Elektra.

Contact Tanya Anic Bridal now for your preview of the new Stars Bridal Gown collection by Designer Tanya Anic or phone 0418 495 463 to book your appointment.

Stars Bridal Collection launch day is coming, visit us again soon for details on this special event.

Bridal Gowns-Tanya Anic
Set Design-Heidi Onisforou
Photography-Kerstin Auer Lili Kad Photography
Jewellery-Fairfax and Roberts
Shoes-Bella Belle
Stationary-Michaela McBride
Flowers-Trille Floral
Hair and Makeup-Kat About Face
Blog by Judi Hogan