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Arizona has to be one of the most awesome destinations to exchange your nuptials. Set in the presence of rugged and diverse landscape, you will fall in love with the beauty, art and history nestled in the many natural wonders to explore.

One of the most noted flora native to the Sonoran Desert is the Saguaro cactus. Not only are they visually intriguing, ranging in heights and widths and variations of multiple arms or spears, they have a formidable resilience for survival, capable of absorbing large amounts of water. These plants are also known for long life, some live up to 150 years.

The iconic cactus and landscape of the National Parks are part of the must-see sights in Arizona along with the Grand Canyon National Park and Route 66.

Amberly Bridal Gown by  Tanya Anic  Photo  Solandra Helg

Amberly Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic
Photo Solandra Helg

Looking for the easy to pack bridal gown for your Arizona wedding?
The Amberly Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic features the most exquisite guipure lace bodice with high neck and long sleeves and skirt of stretch crepe for a slim-line elegant contrast.

The Louisa Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic is a classic cross neck design, featuring soft draping ties at the shoulders and slimline skirt with semi-train. This wedding dress of fluid crepe feels and looks beautiful, is easy to pack and easy to wear. 

Louisa Bridal Gown by  Tanya Anic  Photo  Solandra Helg

Louisa Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic
Photo Solandra Helg

Amberly Bridal Gown by  Tanya Anic  Photo  Solandra Helg

Amberly Bridal Gown by Tanya Anic
Photo Solandra Helg

To create your one of a kind bridal gown to pack and wear for your destination wedding, contact Tanya Anic for your consultation.

Photography and Stylist -Solandra Helg @solandraphotography
Bridal Gown- Tanya Anic @tanyaanicbridal
Model-Alexis Vail @alexis_vail @gabby.glam
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New location in Double Bay

We have moved! Come and see the latest Tanya Anic bridal collections at our new address in the heart of Double Bay.

Tanya Anic Bridal
2/66 Cross Street, Double Bay, NSW 2028

Designer Tanya Anic creates sophisticated bridal gowns reminiscent of classic, ballroom, romantic, bohemian and vintage styles from her studio in beautiful Double Bay, Sydney, Australia.

Fabulously jeweled and sequined lengths of organza, layers of soft tulle, intricate laces, fluid satins and delicate silks inspire each bridal creation.

One of the most popular shopping experiences in Australia, Double Bay is famous for luxury fashion and prestigious brands. The perfect place to start your bridal experience.

Be inspired by the latest Tanya Anic bridal designs available for you to view by appointment at the new Double Bay, Bridal studio.  Phone 0418495 463 to book your personal consultation with Designer Tanya Anic.

Dream Day inspiration

Finding the right dress for your wedding day is often about the right feeling, at the right time.

Looking for a bridal designer who you can trust with your dream day thoughts is by far the best way to achieve the total perfect look. This means instead of looking for inspiration you describe what inspires you.

Yes, it is about good design, structure and quality fabrics however of great importance, it needs to express the best version of you. Considering everything about you including your style, personality and how you want to look and feel.

I had so many comments on my dress. I felt so comfortable in it and so beautiful. It really was perfect and what I had hoped for...
— Paige

As this day is all about relationships, be certain to make your first day of forever, wonderful by looking for good trust relationships with your service professionals. Everyone from the bridal gown designer, photographer, florist and makeup artist will be more likely to look out to add the extra detail for you when you know and trust each other. This will turn good to fabulous every time!

Bride, Paige shares her experience on the search and find of designer Tanya Anic trusting her to create her much loved, bridal gown.

"Finding the dress was a really stressful and challenging process…I went to SO many boutiques in Sydney and just didn’t feel right about many dresses at all.

When I approached Tanya for the dress, I already had a really clear idea of what I wanted. I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere, so I described it all to her through emails and with photos taken from social media. She just got it.

Rhys and Paige
Photo by Jessie Ann
Bridal Gown Tanya Anic

"I’d met Tanya on my very first day of shopping, and she had shown me a two-piece, which I’d loved. I knew it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I also knew that she had the right vibe (personality-wise and design-wise) for what I wanted." 

I just trusted her and had a good feeling, and in all my searching after that day, my mind kept coming back to that beautiful lace top that I’d tried on with her. I contacted her asking if we could use that lace top as a starting point, but with some tweaks and changes. And if she would make the dress for me. SO lucky that she said yes!"

Contact Tanya Anic now to discuss your ideas and what inspires you for that perfect wedding dress. 

Bridal Gown-Tanya Anic Bridal Instagram @tanyaanicbridal
Photography-Photos by Jessie Ann Instagram @photosbyjessieann
Florist -Jasmine Christie Instagram @jasmine.christie
Hair + Make-Up- Alexandra Penton  Instagram @makeup_alexandra 
Bride-Paige Gardiner  Instagram @paige_gards